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TechGrid is a site developed by technology enthusiasts for technology enthusiasts. Growing tired of filtering through the hundreds of article a day with clever headlines and controversial topics designed to attract page views and revenue, TechGrid was founded to provide original technology research, analysis, and reviews and to hand-curate the best technology news.

We won’t flood your stream with hundreds of articles per day, but hopefully you’ll find the articles we do provide to be timely and informative.

Our Contributors

Eric Bazerghi has over 30 years of experience using and exploring technology. He’s a technology architect by day, and an avid web developer, cyber security enthusiast, gadget lover and technologist by night.

Matthew Devost is a technologist, entrepreneur, and international security expert. Matt is currently the President & CEO of FusionX, LLC, a global cybersecurity, technology, and risk management solutions company.

Bob Gourley was named one of the top 25 most influential CTOs in the globe by Infoworld in 2007 while serving as CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was named by Washingtonian as one of DC’s “Tech Titans” in 2009. Bob is currently the CTO of Crucial Point LLC and runs the popular CTO Vision site.